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ZCore Masternodes Hosting (SIN-BIG) - https://sin.zcore.host

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Volume 24hs


Price BTC



Required :

1,000,000 SIN



Price MN :


Daily income

0.00089463 BTC
4,260.1300 SIN

Weekly income

0.00626239 BTC
29,820.9000 SIN

Monthly income

0.02683884 BTC
127,804.0000 SIN

Yearly income

0.3265395 BTC
1,554,950.0000 SIN

Based on last 24 hours:

AVG masternode reward frequency: 9h 52m 12s
Active masternodes: 285
Coins locked in masternodes collateral: 285,000,000 SIN (31.68%)

Code :

Sinovate Price

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* ZCore Central is not a cryptocurrency custody service or sells cryptocurrencies. The services are cold nodes, where the user has complete security of their coins in the wallet. Payments are discounted automatically from your balance.
** Deposits in other altcoins are make on your balance panel.
*** PayPal cannot be used to purchase cryptocurrencies, you only pay for server hosting.