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ZCore Masternodes Hosting (DASH) - https://dash.zcore.host

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Volume 24hs


Price BTC



Required :

1,000 DASH



Price MN :


Daily income

0.00211728 BTC
0.1802 DASH

Weekly income

0.01482095 BTC
1.2614 DASH

Monthly income

0.06351834 BTC
5.4060 DASH

Yearly income

0.77280644 BTC
65.7730 DASH

Based on last 24 hours:

AVG masternode reward frequency: 8d 12h 29m 14s
Active masternodes: 4618
Coins locked in masternodes collateral: 4,618,000 DASH (49.77%)
Binance (DASH-USDT) Binance (DASH-BTC) ZBG (DASH-USDT) Coinbase Pro (DASH-USD) Bitfinex (DSH-USD) Tokenize (DASH-USD) Tokenize (DASH-SGD) Kraken (DASH-EUR) Kraken (DASH-XBT) Bitfinex (DSH-BTC) Kraken (DASH-USD) Poloniex (DASH-BTC) Coinbase Pro (DASH-BTC) Bvnex (DASH-USDT) Binance (DASH-ETH) BitMax (DASH-USDT) Bittrex (DASH-BTC) Gate.io (DASH-USDT) Tokenize (DASH-BTC) Poloniex (DASH-USDT) Livecoin (DASH-BTC) ZB (DASH-BTC) Binance (DASH-BNB) Binance US (DASH-USD) Decoin (DASH-BTC) Bittrex (DASH-USDT) KuCoin (DASH-BTC) EXMO (DASH-BTC) Bittrex (DASH-ETH) Bithumb Global (DASH-USDT) Tokenize (DASH-ETH) Coindeal (DASH-BTC) Poloniex (DASH-USDC) NovaDAX (DASH-BRL) ExMarkets (DASH-BTC) NovaDAX (DASH-USDT) Atomars (DASH-USDT) ExMarkets (DASH-ETH) Probit (DASH-USDT) EXMO (DASH-RUB) NovaDAX (DASH-BTC) EXMO (DASH-USDT) Livecoin (DASH-USD) Probit (DASH-BTC) SouthXchange (DASH-BTC) KuCoin (DASH-ETH) CREX24 (DASH-BTC) Dove Wallet (DASH-BTC) Kuna Exchange (DASH-UAH) Dove Wallet (DASH-USDT) SouthXchange (DASH-USD) BITEXBOOK (DASH-BTC) Dove Wallet (DASH-ETH) BITEXBOOK (DASH-USDT) BITEXBOOK (DASH-RUB) Dove Wallet (DASH-USDC) ZB (DASH-USDT) Huobi Global (DASH-USDT) Binance JEX (DASH-USDT) P2PB2B (DASH-USD) Bitcoin.com (DASH-USD) HitBTC (DASH-USD) Bitcoin.com (DASH-BTC) HitBTC (DASH-BTC) P2PB2B (DASH-BTC) P2PB2B (DASH-USDT) OKEx (DASH-BTC) Digifinex (DASH-BTC) MXC (DASH-USDT) Whitebit (DASH-BTC) Bitrue (DASH-BTC) QBTC (DASH-USDT) Whitebit (DASH-ETH) CoinAll (DASH-BTC) Catex (DASH-ETH) ZB (DASH-QC) OKEx (DASH-USDT) Whitebit (DASH-USD) Bibox (DASH-ETH) CoinTiger (DASH-USDT) Biki (DASH-USDT) Bit-Z (DASH-BTC) P2PB2B (DASH-ETH) BigONE (DASH-USDT) Huobi US (HBUS) (DASH-BTC) Huobi Global (DASH-BTC) Binance JEX (DASH-BTC) Bitrue (DASH-USDT) BW.com (DASH-USDT) AlterDice (DASH-USD) Bitcoin.com (DASH-ETH) HitBTC (DASH-ETH) ZG.com (DASH-USDT) AlterDice (DASH-BTC) AEX (DASH-USDT) BitMart (DASH-BTC) XT (DASH-SXC) XT (DASH-USDT) VCC Exchange (DASH-BTC) OKEx Korea (DASH-BTC)

Code :

Dash Price $104.31 (USD)


$ 4.99 /mo

  • All shared plan features
  • Exclusive server running your node only
  • More performance and speed
  • 1 exclusive IPV4
  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • SSD disk
  • Integrated DDoS protection

  • * Pay now: $4.99

  • ** 153.6373 ZCR


Pay with different coins!

You can deposit into multiple coins using Coinpayments and the amount is automatically converted into ZCR in your balance.
Deposit directly:

Or Coinpayments:

* Payments are set in US dollars and discounted from your balance in ZCore, using the current ZCore value at http://coingecko.com/
** Deposits made in other coins are automatically converted to ZCore on your balance sheet at the time of deposit.
*** PayPal cannot be used to purchase cryptocurrencies, you can only add months to your server using PayPal.