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Stratum Exchange

Stratum is a exchange that not only offers purchase and sale of ZCore, but also services such as bank payment, mobile recharge and ATAR Band bracelet recharge.


Payment for services, mobile recharge and many other functions using ZCore.

Convert Bitcoin to ZCore Masternode

You can receive 1 (one) ZCore Masternode (5000 ZCR) quickly directly here on the ZCore Central.
The system is very simple, you inform the ZCR address that you want to receive the 5000 ZCR and receive a BTC address. Simply send the value informed in BTC to the address that within a few hours you receive the 5000 ZCR in the your wallet ZCR. If you have any questions, please call support.

1 ZCR Masternode = 0.04844 BTC

(value may change according to ZCore price)
Enter a ZCore address to receive the 5000 ZCR, do not enter the ZCore Central balance address!
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